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Condo Insurance

Standard Coverage Types

Personal property coverage

Covers the possessions inside your condo or townhome, like furniture, electronics and clothes, if they’re damaged due to a fire, smoke, vandalism or other covered peril.

Liability coverage

If someone sues you after being injured on your property, this helps cover your legal costs.

Guest medical coverage

Covers x-rays, ambulance rides and other reasonable and necessary medical expenses if someone injures him- or herself while on your property.

Reimbursed living expenses

Reimburses you for additional living costs if a covered loss makes your condo or townhouse uninhabitable. It typically takes care of food, a temporary place to live and more.

Building property protection

Covers belongings that aren’t typically considered personal property, like cabinetry and appliances. These items are occasionally already covered on your condo association’s master policy.

Loss assessment coverage

If something happens to your condo’s shared building or common areas that exceeds the condo association’s insurance limits, all unit owners may be required to pay an assessment toward repairs. This add-on covers your share of the loss assessment.

Identity restoration coverage

It can be hard to recover financially if you become a victim of full-blown identity theft. Adding this coverage to your condo policy arms you with a fraud specialist to help.



For some situations, the coverage you need isn’t offered through condo insurance. You may want to consider these additional policies based on your lifestyle and how comfortable you are with risk. Your agent can explain the details of these policies and more.

Flood Insurance

Floods are the #1 natural disaster in the U.S. If you’re on a lower floor and there’s a flood, this helps protect your unit and possessions.

Personal umbrella insurance

Owning a dog, going hunting and other aspects of your lifestyle may expose you to more risk. PUP provides extra liability coverage, so if you’re sued for millions, you can protect your condo and other assets.